Thank you, Ms. Marshall!

Source: The Caribbean Commons

On Mon., August 12, 2019, the world lost another literary giant, author Paule Marshall. In a 1979 Essence article, Marshall wrote, “Traditionally, in most fiction, men are the wheelers and dealers. They are the ones in whom power is invested. I wanted to turn that around. I wanted women to be the centers of power.” She certainly created beautiful examples of powerful, complex women. Yet, with books such as Brown Girl, Brownstones and short fiction such as “To Da-Duh, in Memoriam,” Marshall also offers serious portrayals of black girls.

So, for all your beautiful creations, we say thank you, Ms. Marshall. And we agree with Imani Perry, who so aptly tweeted, “This is a grieving season for Black literature.”

Listen to Paule Marshall as she speaks about her heritage and appreciation for Langston Hughes’s work in the video below:

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