New Year, New Opportunity to Support Black Girls

The 20-teens saw great advancements in black girlhood studies, with increased media coverage, academic scholarship, motion pictures, and literature prominently featuring black female children and adolescents. The Black Girlhood Project is most proud of the connections scholars and readers are initiating and maintaining by using BGP resources, including the Reading List, Zotero reference group, and social media. We are also excited about the upcoming BGP panel, “Backdrops No More: Alternative Visions of Black Girlhood in Afrofuturistic Literature,” which will be presented at the College Language Association Convention in April.

Still, even with all of these efforts to increase attention on the lives, representations, struggles, and (mis)treatments of black girls, there is so much more work to be done. This year, BGP will continue its mission of  encouraging further scholarship, conversation, and collaboration on projects concerning black girls, and we hope that you continue assisting us in these efforts.

How do you plan to support black girls this year? Are you writing about, publishing, and/or speaking on black female children and adolescents? Do you know someone who is?

Let’s grow this community and continue supporting black girls.

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