Guest Blog Guidelines

The Black Girlhood Project is seeking blog submissions on any genre of literature or film featuring black girls (children and adolescents) for our publication. We publish blog posts that offer analysis, commentary, and/or review of such works.

All submissions must adhere to the general criteria below. All submissions are reviewed by the editorial staff prior to publication. We may request additional information or revisions prior to publishing your blog post. Plagiarized work will not be published.

  • Blog information:
    • 300-500 words.
    • Include title and author of the work you on which you are focusing.
    • Critical and creative approach.
    • Studious tone.
    • MLA citations — no footnotes or endnotes — with works cited list, if necessary.
    • Composed for a broad audience including both academics and non-academics.
    • Embedded hyperlinks, if necessary.
    • Submit in .docx format.
  • Author information:
    • Full name.
    • School/University affiliation.
    • Email address.
    • Short author bio. No more than 50 words.
    • Headshot in .JPG, .PNG format. Image sizes must be 700×700 pixels or larger.

Short Fiction / Nonfiction Guidelines

The Black Girlhood Project is seeking creative writing submissions from 500-1,000 words to promote stories about African American female children and adolescents.

**All submissions must be sent to**